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1627 Church records list Jewish citizens in Odenbach for the first time.

1752 Construction of the synagogue – decoration with mural art of the school of Eliezer Sussmann.

1835 Reconstruction of the synagogue.

- construction of a separate women’s gallery

- redecoration of mural art paintings

1854 Jewish community reaches 139 citizens.

During the second half of the 19th century emigration and migration to cities result in a steady decrease of population.

1938 During Kristallnacht the interior is

completely devastated. The Jewish community

no longer exists.

In the following years the building is used as storage.

1986 The former synagogue is declared as a site of historical interest.

Since 2007 after final restauration many cultural events took place

2016 A memorial stele is erected remembering to the victims of the Holocaust in Odenbach. Their names are written on the plaque.