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Tatjana Utz: Art Project

Exhibition at ancient synagogue in Odenbach from October 26th until November 9th, 2008


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 Opening event on October 28th, 2008


The exhibition in the ancient synagogue at Odenbach was inaugurated on October 26th, 2008 and could be visited until November 23rd, 2008.



History and stories


A painting and text project in the ancient synagogue at Odenbach.

In cooperation with the board of “Förderverein ehemalige Synagoge Odenbach e.V.” a research of Jewish life in Odenbach was conducted.  Contemporary witnesses and families with a Jewish background were interviewed. The documentation did not only consist of personal memories but also of recordings as well as photographies. 

The photos - realized as life sized paintings on thin cardboard - were set up in the synagogue among of interviews printed on text banners. A kind of “walk in picture book” was created in this way. As the exhibition went on Alfred Wendels “Chronicle of Odenbach  – volume III – Jewish Life”,  presented by Eva Kappesser , was introduced. A great variety of photos used for the exhibition are taken from the chronicle. Using the former synagogue as an exhibition room is a great opportunity to combine past and presence: it is appreciated in its former function and simultaneously provides the public a better way to learn about Jewish culture.

Words: Tatjana Utz

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